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"Ignorance is NOT bliss", especially when it comes to designing and developing products or services that cater to the mass. I have tried creating a conscious awareness of how Accessibility practices can change the dynamics of the digital world through various initiatives.


Accessible Digital Design- UI/UX

On the occassion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2020, addressed about 180+ attendees from various universities: Mody UniversityChitkara UniversitySandip UniversityJagran Lakecity UniversityDIT UNIVERSITY, organised by the ImaginXP team.


Design thinking webinar

The importance of understanding structured design process, business impact and delivering goal-oriented design solutions, along with some design thinking frameworks.


Introduction to A11y

Understanding best practices & techniques to achieve Accessibility & Inclusion for Digital products.


Basics of Accessibility

Going one step beyond usability, to make our digital products inclusive and Accessible. The change in mindset to delivering high-end accessible products, the value it creates, and the power it holds.


Webinar at Uplift, by Girlscript

Delivered a talk as an industry expert for a design program to give the students more insights into industry exposure.


Creating Accessible content 

The importance of creating accessible content on various medium, touching upon accessibility features of Emails, Social Media, and MS Office docs. 

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Accessibility & Figma

Accessibility practices for designers to enhance experiences for specially-abled users in Figma, using various plugins and design techniques.

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Two days workshop on A11y

Conducted a detailed workshop on Basics of Disability, Accessibility, Assistive Technologies and Designing Practices- across Infosys in 5 cities- Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Trivandrum and Chennai with about 82 participants.

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